Why Gon look like he’s about to drop the hottest RnB album of the 90s?


Freakiest thing that ever happened to you?


HEHEHE random question anon!!! im getting a lot of these ;;;;;;;; ahhh im taking so long to answer im sorry!!! i promise im not ignoring u all!!!! 

and im going to be honest i’ve had some weird / scary coincidences in my life. someone tell me if these are actually creepy or if im just hallucinating???

- okay so the #1 creepiest thing to me is this: in my novel, one of the main characters is dead (he killed himself). he has literally THE MOST UNCOMMON NAME EVER. like. i thought i made it up. it isn’t even like a real name?? so i wrote this character profile last year, and worked on my novel this year. a few months ago, i was talking to a friend from hs. in our town, there have been a LOT of high school suicides this year (it’s horrible…) . i was talking to her about how awful it was and she mentioned the name of the most recent suicide. 

he had my character’s name. i wrote the character before the event happened , so there’s no way i could’ve subconsciously taken it from that.  im not gonna share the name bc i don’t want the town / boy to be looked up, but it literally scared the crap out of me. 

- 2nd creepiest is in april had a dream about a family friend who died a couple years ago. i remember it was april bc it was a few weeks before my finals. he was peeling a mango and handed it to me, and i woke up crying. the next day, my dad came in from work, and lo and behold, he brought home mangoes from a farmer’s market. i talked to my best friend about it recently and she told me she also had a dream about him around the same time in spring

-third is a short story i wrote for school this past year. it was about a girl who slips through ice and her heart stops. she is “technically dead”  for seven minutes, but in those seven minutes, she sort of travels through “the unknown/next life” before waking up alive, forgetting everything. one of my high school friends called me up one day this winter (about a month after i wrote my story) and she was literally frantic and asked if i was alright. she’s very spiritual/superstitious and she told me she had a dream about me which she thought was an omen.

in her dream we were ice skating together (we used to do this lol!!) and when she turned around, she heard a scream, and saw me fall through. the water was deep and cold, and by the time i got out, she told me they said i was dead.

but then a few minutes later i came back. it freaked her out and she woke up right after


If I don’t reply or I take ages to

  • It’s drafted
  • My mood doesn’t fit
  • I’m trying to equal your perfection
  • I’m braindead
  • I lost the reply
  • I’m easily distracted by something else
  • All/some of the above

There’s something about you that’s like the sun, you warm up my heart when I come undone. You’re like my soulmate, and on those days when I hurt, when I break, you are my band aid.

Nora you better write that book

I DEFINITELY SHALL like i want to write soooo many books ;A;

i also want to write a book where each chapter is written in a different style but it continues the story along. one chapter is written in regular prose, another in a list, another in a poem, another in play format, another in all lowercase, another in all uppercase…..i want to do Soooo many things lol

im going to write that book